Muse Notes app Alternative: Enter Scrintal

Muse Notes app Alternative: Enter Scrintal

Muse Notes app Alternative: Enter Scrintal

If you're a Muse app user, you're no stranger to the flexibility it offers for connecting the dots between your thoughts, whether it is through note-taking, whiteboarding, or simply diving into big ideas. However, if you are thinking of exploring an alternative that not only matches your needs but takes your note-taking experience to the next level. That alternative is Scrintal.

Muse app vs. Scrintal

Let's begin by comparing Muse and Scrintal in terms of their primary functions:

1. Flexible Boards for Visual Thinking

  • Muse: Muse provides an open canvas for your ideas, allowing you to navigate your thoughts seamlessly.

  • Scrintal: Scrintal offers an infinite canvas with bi-directional links, ideal for brainstorming, project planning, and more. It combines the benefits of a visual notebook with powerful organization features.

2. Spatial Text & Inking

  • Muse: Muse excels in visual thinking, offering handwritten notes and efficient linear text editing.

  • Scrintal: Scrintal takes text-based and visual tools to the next level. It allows spatial text editing alongside rich media, offering a perfect balance for expressing complex ideas.

3. Connected Ideas with Linked Cards

  • Muse: Muse has features for linking cards, enabling you to move between related boards.

  • Scrintal: Scrintal enhances the concept of linked cards, making it easy to connect ideas and navigate your content effectively.

Introducing Scrintal

Scrintal is not just an alternative to Muse; it's an evolution of your note-taking experience. Here's why you should consider making the switch:

  • Powerful Combination: Scrintal seamlessly combines text-based and visual tools, providing a versatile platform for all your thinking and creativity needs.

  • Visual Notes: It's your virtual whiteboard, your creative sanctuary where you can brainstorm, outline thoughts, plan projects, design research, and more.

  • Organization: Scrintal allows you to quickly capture and organize your ideas, making it easy to find and make sense of them later.

  • Collaboration: With real-time collaboration, shared cards, and boards, Scrintal enhances brainstorming and teamwork.

  • Smooth Transition from Muse: Switching from Muse can be challenging. That's why Scrintal makes your transition smooth. You can effortlessly move your Muse notes by uploading your entire MarkDown archive. Tags and links will be seamlessly transferred and displayed, ensuring continuity in your creative process.

Use Cases for Scrintal

Scrintal's versatility extends across various domains:

  • Project Management: See and manage projects at a glance, outline your thoughts, and create problem-solving structures.

  • Academic Excellence: Plan your courses, study for exams, and outline topics to study efficiently.

  • Content Creation: Organize your blog posts, prepare your company's pitch, and keep your focus on writing.

Pricing Plans

We understand that pricing matters. That's why Scrintal offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs:

  • Scrintal Personal Pro: Take advantage of Early Access pricing. Subscribe today, and lock this price forever.

  • Lifetime: One payment for lifetime access to Scrintal!


As a Muse app user, you value the freedom to explore your thoughts and ideas in a flexible, visual manner. Scrintal not only respects that freedom but enhances it, offering a dynamic platform where your creativity knows no bounds. Make the switch to Scrintal today and experience the future of note-taking and idea management.

Get Started with Scrintal

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